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Beer on East Devon's World Heritage Coast

Bomb Shelter

Next Pop-up Art Exhibition cancelled due to Virus

Beer is a Winner

Beer was the overall winner of the Best Picnic Spots in Britain

Beer made it to the final on Channel 4's Village of the year

Current Projects include:
        Recording the information on the gravestones in the closed churchyard.  
        Setting up a display of Axe Vale pottery

       Supporting the creation of a series of links between the SW Coast Path and the East Devon Way

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Coming on Dimpsy in Beer

DIY Events

All year round - Free Download for the Jubillee Pebble Quiz Sheet for the Big Bug Hunt, Brass-rubbing sheets and the Cowerslea Way short loop walk leaflet from

 Beer Parish Council

free activity

Self-guided walks

around Beer and the Beer area

see links and free downloads on our Leaflets-walks-maps page

free activity

connections between

Geology & History?

Visit the Self-Shelter - free entry

Jubilee Gardens overlooking Beer Beach Fantastic display & story of Beer

free activity

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Rock pooling

During the season - spring tides (around full & new moons) - weather permitting


Watch for Banner outside the Heritage Centre

Equipment supplied

 Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear


Bomb Shelter

Come and see the bomb and read the story that goes with it

free entry

Behind Jimmy Green's Shop, Fore Street

same hours as the shop

Also available for pop-up displays or exhibitions of history, science & art

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Guided Walks & Talks


Salt Water Fish Tanks

Now emptied for the winter

Back again next year

free activity

Beach Clean

DIY  10min beach clean - help yourself to a bag and borrow one of our picker-uppers by the entrance to the Centre - interesting what you find - doing the environment a favour - feel good factor

free activity

Also try a quick look at

Some events such as Rockpooling depend on weather and tides - Contact us at :

Other Walks - Loops & Long - Website Linx

If you would like to be notified of upcoming events then send an email requesting so, to - Your email address will then be added to the list

If you would like to be a member or friend then come to an event and pay £2.50 per person p.a. or £5 per family

Friends have access to, and use of, the secret friends page with copyright and other benefits

Other self-guided walks on our Maps & Walks page

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Note the volume of beach around Bob's Knob - New Year 2015

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If Dogs Run Free

Eastertime 1975

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Circa 1902

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Bob's Knob circa 1955?

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The Pier - King's Isle

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Dec 2018

N.B The size of the beach compared with today!!!


Post code for your Sat Nav EX12 3EE - Top of the slope down to the beach


Free download Beer Blow-in Questionaire

A jingle written in 1920  by Kenneth Lindsay, at that time an undergraduate but who became a barrister , a K.C. and the Labour MP for Kilmarnock – sung to the tune of “Clementine”


          Down in Devon, down in Devon

          There’s a village oh so dear

          Sure it’s just a bit of heaven         

          And the angels call it Beer.


          Mr. David, the schoolmaster

          Is a Jack of every trade

          Always shiny like the briny

          Sticks to jobs like marmalade


          The fishermen will kindly

          Take you anywhere for a bob,

          Except old (blank blank), their Charlie Chaplin

          Who charges eighteen pence without a sob.

The present version was written in the late 1970s by Mike Green & Gayle Chapple

Coming up for a centenary!!!


(Beer’s Anthem)


Sung to the tune of “Oh! My Darling Clementine”


Down in Devon, down in Devon,

There’s a village by the sea.

It’s a little piece of heaven

And the angels call it Beer


They call us Spaniards, they call us Dutchmen,

But we’re English evermore.

And we live here in God’s Country,

And we love our Devon shore


(Chorus - Down in Devon…)

I’ve been thinking, while I’ve been drinking,

‘Bout our haven by the sea.

In the whole of Devon county

Nowhere else I’d rather be … than …


(Chorus - Down in Devon…)


Written for one of the early Panto People pantomime productions